It's Okay not to be Okay
Anonymous asked:
Hi, sorry for bothering you. The thing is that I am a wreck, I self-harm and well I've been thinking a lot about suicide. I've also been eating less and I feel like everything I do has no meaning. I can't ask for help. What should I do?

Hey, you aren’t bothering me at all I’m here to help if anyone needs me. And well to be honest you sound a lot like a description of me from about a year ago :/ I know life is shit*y sometimes but self harm is really not the way to go because once you start it only gets worse and recovery is really hard and slip ups make you feel worthless. Try finding an alternative such as writing the name of someone you love on your arm which should discourage you from wanting to cut, or try the butterfly project. And surround yourself with positive people and do more things that you enjoy and that bring you happiness, don’t try to please others because it’s really not worth it and I found that out on my own skin that whatever you do there will still be someone one who doesn’t like it so you might aswell to whatever you want and be happy. And lastly about your eating issues, why are you eating less is it because of something someone had said about you? Do you feel uncomfortable in your current body? Or is it just lack of appetite, sometimes it’s normal I eat less especially that it’s summer and it’s hot however if you find yourself eating significantly less then that’s something to think about. I hope this reply will make you feel at least a bit better and if you have any other questions, need to vent or just talk message me again please? Stay strong darling xx

twirkingniall asked:
How do i tell my boyfriend that im still cutting. I stopped for a while and then started up againn but i dont have the heart to tell him. He self harms as well and im afraid that if i say it then he will start again too and that is the last thing i want. Please help? Ps i love your blog

To be honest I have the same problem right now I was 5 months clean and it all messed up a few days ago :/ I don’t know if I should tell him or not because I know he will be disappointed in me but because your boyfriend had done it too he will be more understanding you should probably tell him how and why it happened and you should just tell him you’re sorry and that you want him to keep strong for the both of you I hope it goes well for both of you xx

andyartoa asked:
Hi, what's your name? I love your blog. (Sorry, I'm french, my english is very bad)

Hey my name is Samanta but I also go by Sam c; and thank you I’m glad you do and don’t worry about your English it’s fine c: